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Notice to New esNAIL Foreign Clients

Notice to New esNAIL Foreign Clients

In order to keep no shows and/or short notice cancellations to minimum,
esNail Salon is implementing a new policy as follows There are more cancellations of overseas traveler's.

• Our system does not allow new foreign clients who are visiting Japan temporarily to create accounts to schedule appointments online.
Cancellation notices will be issued automatically and sent to your email addresses. Instead new foreign clients are able to make appointments in person at the salon, full payment in advance will be required at the time.

• Foreign clients with home addresses in Japan may create accounts to schedule appointment online, providing clients are sufficiently proficient in Japanese language to confirm appointments via phone.

• Reservations can only be made with a Japanese phone number.

• There will be no refund for no shows. Please note that additional fees, such as added parts or extra service for longer nails, may occur at the time of service.

We appreciate your cooperation.
esNAIL staff

新規の esNAIL 海外クライアントへのお知らせ

esNAIL は次のように新しいポリシーを実施しています。

• 当社のシステムでは、一時的に日本を訪問している新しい外国人クライアントがオンラインで予約をス ケジュールするためのアカウントを作成することはできません。
• キャンセル通知は自動的に発行され、お 客様のメール アドレスに送信されます。
• 代わりに、新規の外国人クライアントは、サロンで直接予約す ることができます。その際、全額前払いが必要です。

• 日本に自宅住所を持つ外国のクライアントは、電話で予約を確認できるほど十分に日本語に堪能であれば、オンラインで予約をスケジュールするためのアカウントを作成することができます。

• ご予約は日本の電話番号のみ可能です

• ノーショーの場合の返金はありません。

• パーツの追加やロングネイルの追加サービスなど、サービス時に追加料金が発生する場合がありますので ご了承ください。

Booking Appointment on Website and Instagram

• Choose an appointment time/date and a service menu.
• After confirming the appointment, purchase a gift card from the Instagram online shop.
• Confirm the deposit and send a photo of the gift card via DM.
• If the deposit is not verified one week before the appointment, the appointment will be automatically cancelled.






Cancellation policy

esNAIL is committed to provide every client the time and attention that you deserve for your service. Making an appointment at our salon means that we’ve reserved space and a nail stylist, just for you.
However, we also understand that sometimes circumstances arise and you need to make adjustments to your plans. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, we respectfully request that you observe the following guidelines.

Late Arrival:
As soon as you know that you are going to be late for your appointment, please contact us by phone immediately so that we can adjust our schedule. You may be asked to opt for an alternative service that requires less time to complete. If a client does not show up after 15 minutes of grace period without notice, the appointment will be treated as a no-show.

Please give us 24hour notice by phone during the regular business hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
The same day cancellation, rescheduling, or changing the menu may be possible only if you contact us by phone at least 6 hours before the original appointment. Our salon cancellation policy is intended to ensure that we have the opportunity to fill any last-minute availability. We don’t want to make any clients on the waiting list miss their chance to book an appointment or receive a service.
If you need to cancel because of a personal or medical emergency, please contact us as soon as possible, and we can decide how best to proceed.

Cancellation Fee: